About Tecnisa

Sobre a Tecnisa

Tecnisa is one of Brazil’s most innovative companies. With over 30 years of experience in real estate, has a brand differentiation through a mood to continually innovate in all areas: in the way of building with respect for the environment, with new concepts and facilities in the projects, to anticipate trends and when relate with customers. The company's main advantages include a strong reputation, quality of their products and consistent profitability.

Overall numbers of Tecnisa

More than 7.200.000 M2 launched
Números gerais da Tecnisa
206 Launches
44,1 K Units
38,2K Apartments
496 Lots
3,7 K Comercial Units
180 Hotel Units
1 K Houses
436 Flats

Last Update on August 22, 2017


To offer the real-estate market products and services which will generate profits and satisfy clients in such a way as to guarantee the company‘s sustainability and the enhancement of the Tecnisa brand.


To be recognized as the best company in the real-estate sector, perpetuating our business through profitability, the quality of the end product, innovation, and maintaining good relations with clients, colleagues and investors.


Integrity: We carry out our business in a transparent and upright manner. Our actions are guided by the highest professional standards. We fulfill our programs. We do not guarantee that we will not make mistakes but we guarantee that we will always correct them and learn from them.

Attitude: We think and act like business owners, seizing every opportunity that appears on the market. We are committed, persistent and proactive and we take risks in a responsible manner. We act with cordiality and respect. We have a sense of urgency and rigor. We lead by example.

Result: We are tenacious in seeking results since they ensure that we receive a return on our investments and that our shareholders are satisfied and our employees paid. Results make it possible for our company to grow, succeed and endure.

Meritocracy: We reward our people and provide them with opportunities to grow in accordance with their results, which are assessed clearly, objectively and thoroughly.

People: We recruit, retain and develop the best professionals who are enthusiastic, proactive and hard-working. We work as a team in an environment that is open to questions and suggestions and with the high level of confidence required to develop all of our creative potential.

Excellence and Quality: We insist on doing things well and seeking the highest quality standards. We develop and implement standards of excellence in everything that we do. This is in our DNA. We work hard to deliver high-quality products and services within the agreed deadlines.

Sales to abroad

To purchase property in Brazil, is necessary for Brazilian or foreign:

- Have CPF card active and in good standing at the Receita Federal (IRS equivalent). The CPF card is the document that identifies the taxpayer, individual, before the Receita Federal.

- Must have an attorney or representative in Brazil with notarized.

- Must have Contract Purchase and Sale signed. Tecnisa can send the contract by mail.

The financial transaction with Tecnisa intermediated with a bank of international repute for safe operation. The transaction will be carried out by an international shipment via money order, it takes around a week at a cost of about $ 100.00, closed on exchange rate on the day of issuance. Due to the difference in rates between the day of closing and the receipt, any adjustments can be made.

We recommend the option to buy the property at the lowest possible number of parcels due to the cost of each individual shipment.

For the issue of regularization or CPF abroad, you should contact the Brazilian consulate in your town or nearest town.

Annual report

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